How Can I Pay For My Bankruptcy Attorney?

Generally people stop paying their credit cards, medical bills, or other unsecured debt, and use that money to prepare to file bankruptcy. Most of my clients pay me using money they normally would have paid to their credit cards or other unsecured debts. In this way, the costs of bankruptcy are coming out of your creditors’ pockets, not yours.
But, wait, aren’t those creditors going to start calling? When you hire me to file bankruptcy, you can inform any creditor who calls that you are represented by an attorney. I will field those calls for you. The bankruptcy court is not going to become upset if you don’t pay your credit cards. The bankruptcy trustee sees people everyday who couldn’t pay their credit card bills anymore.
You can also take the money from not paying your credit cards and fill up your pantry, buy a necessary car insurance policy, or put it in a Roth IRA before filing. bankruptcy.  The time to begin planning for your financial recovery is now, and that includes making decisions that benefit you financially, not ones that benefit your creditors at your expense.
Take care of yourself and your family first. You’re worth it.