Don’t Let Guilt Paralyze You

One of the reasons I chose to practice this area of law is because I can help people who really need it. My clients are generally disappointed to have debt problems, and expect to be tarred and feathered for not being able to climb out of the hole they find themselves in.

The truth is that bad things happen. We make bad choices, have bad luck, and go the wrong direction not just financially but in all walks of life. The true tragedy is not when we find adversity, but when we are unable to learn from our mistakes.

Taking action is a responsible thing to do, and I try to take time out in an initial consultation to make sure potential clients understand I admire that they are taking action and making necessary changes. Sometimes a bankruptcy filing is the best option, and can be a springboard to a better life. Without old debts weighing a family down, people are able to live in better neighborhoods, eat healthier foods, and get necessary health care.

I admire clients, no matter their situation, for being able to admit they’re in trouble. I am grateful for being able to help them move forward and overcome adversity. Isn’t that what life’s all about?