My Resolution: Make It Easier to File

It’s not always easy to rearrange your schedule, find babysitters, and search for a lawyer’s office in the midst of a busy day. For the month of January, I am offering free telephone consultations for clients who have resolved to get back on the right track financially, but have trouble finding the time or desire for an in-office bankruptcy appointment.

Because I am a solo attorney, each and every case I take on is important to me. I employ assistants to handle the administrative functions involved, and spend my time solving problems for my clients. This means I am more available to you, and more responsive to your needs.

You will not have an associate attorney you don’t know show up at court, and you will not speak with a paralegal during our conferences. You will get what you pay for: an attorney concentrated on getting you a discharge and solving your financial problems.

Are you ready for better financial health in 2011?