Bankruptcy Benefits Clients Do Not Think About

Bankruptcy makes sense for many people who need to make a fresh start financially. Some clients I meet with had known that they needed to do something for a long time. Others never realized the positive effects of a bankruptcy filing until they were sitting across the table from me.
Here are some things which most people understand, and some most people don’t. 
Things most people realize will happen in bankruptcy:
     1. You achieve a fresh start. Instead of paying for interest on purchases made years ago, clients can use their money to pay for better food, better homes, and better health care.
     2. Creditors stop hounding you. Even though clients do their best to limit anxiety caused by rude collection callers, it is hard to deal with stressful calls and stressful mail.
     3. You get debt relief. Most clients have their unsecured debts wiped out completely.
But here are some other positive consequences which people do not usually think about:
     1. You reduce stress. Instead of wondering who it is when the phone rings, or worrying every time there is a pile of mail waiting, you can focus your energy on improving your life at home. With less worry, you can achieve better relationships with your spouse and children.
     2. You have reason to be hopeful. Once you file a bankruptcy case, we will have a plan established for how you are going to make things work. The feeling that financial trouble will never go away, goes away.

     3. You have more free time. Instead of spending time wondering and thinking about how to make ends meet, you can spend time with your loved ones knowing that your financial plan has already been carefully considered by a professional.