Financial Difficulty? Start a File.

Part of my practice is designed to make filing for bankruptcy as easy as possible for clients. Helping those clients get their information organized is something I do on a daily basis. One obstacle in getting clients a full discharge is making sure all debts are disclosed to the court so creditors get notice of the bankruptcy filing. If a creditor does not get proper notice, that creditor will not be aware that your debt to them has been discharged. That can lead to additional hassles after your bankruptcy case has been completed.

How do you make sure we can deliver proper notice? The correspondence address for creditors is usually listed on any bills, statements, or other mail they send your way. This address is usually not the address where you send payments in. Fight the urge to file unpleasant financial mail in the trash can, and create a paper folder at home where all financial mail goes after it gets opened.

That way, we can make sure your creditors are told properly that your debt to them is being discharged in a bankruptcy filing. Wouldn’t it be nice to never hear from them again?

If you are in Western North Carolina, I would be happy to speak with you about financial difficulty in a free, initial consultation.