Retirement Planning – Step #1: File For Bankruptcy

One problem I see regularly in Western North Carolina is folks who are paying monthly minimums on credit cards instead of feeding their retirement account with that same money.

Of course, the same people are the ones who tell me, “These credit cards are my debts, and I intend to pay every last one of them.” For those who feel this way, I can find no fault. However, I suggest credit card companies will be around forever. You can pay them back next week, next year, or next decade (anytime after we discharge your legal obligation to do so).

Planning for retirement instead of paying credit card bills is a strategy to take care of your family before you take care of the credit card companies. If you do not save retirement money, your family will need to support you at some point (the credit card companies will not chip in). Very few people work until the day they die.

Choose your family over your creditors. Plan for your retirement. If you live in Western North Carolina, I would be happy to help set a course for you during a free, initial consultation.