Hiring An Asheville Bankruptcy Attorney. What Questions Should I Ask?

The choice of bankruptcy attorneys is a personal one, and you have great choices when selecting an Asheville Bankruptcy attorney. I have a rule in my office of only agreeing to represent someone if I truly enjoy their company during our initial consultation. That way, I’ll have reasons beyond my ethical obligations and fees to do my absolute best for each person I represent. Likewise, I think people in need of help from a bankruptcy attorney in Asheville should start there: Do I enjoy this lawyer’s company?

Here are some other questions it might be helpful to ask when deciding:

1. How many cases a month does the attorney handle each month? This will give you an idea if the firm is a general practice, or concentrates on handling bankruptcy matters.

2. Who will be handling petition preparation and attending hearings? My firm was founded on the principle that clients hire me for my time. Not a paralegal’s time. Not an associate attorney’s time. I feel much more comfortable when I am an active participant in preparing a case, instead of merely overseeing someone else’s work.

3. What fee will the Attorney charge to handle my case? Different cases require different amounts of time and energy for the attorney. You should establish up front what the charge will be, and also who will be responsible for additional expenses (like the required credit counseling class or filing fee).

Good luck finding the right fit, and getting back on track with your financial health. If I can be helpful answering any questions during your search, do not hesitate to contact me.