Will I Ever Get Credit Again If I File For Bankruptcy?

I sat down with a client yesterday who thought she would never get credit again if she decided to file a case. She had talked to a collection agency which implied that a bankruptcy case would mean she would never be able to use a credit card again.

The truth is you will receive approximately twice as many credit card offers in the mail as you did before you file. Why? It’s because any credit card company you sign up with after you file will be first in line to receive payment from you.

The real challenge after bankruptcy is saying “no” to using credit you do not need. Every time I file a bankruptcy case, I discuss with my clients how their budget is going to work going forward. The question you should ask yourself is: Could I live on my current income if I didn’t have to pay back my old debts each month?

If your answer is “yes,” I would be delighted to discuss your options during a free, initial consultation. I think you will be pleasantly surprised about the relief which is available.