Are You Part of the 99 percent? Talk to a Bankruptcy (Asset Protection) Attorney

Often times, people come into my office asking for a solution which helps them “pay all their bills.” Their sense of self-worth is strongly related to keeping their word, and they feel as though they promised to pay credit card companies back when they made purchases. Talking to a bankruptcy attorney feels like giving up.

I strongly disagree. The credit card companies are not playing by the same rules of fairness. They don’t care if they trick or deceive you. They just want your money (all of it). Why has your interest rate gone up? Because the banks are pushing the legal limits of how much money they can take from you.

When people forego healthcare, groceries, and other necessary expenses for their families in an attempt to pay credit card companies, they are making a big mistake. In fact, they are just increasing the huge amount of wealth held by the top 1/10th of one percent of our population. At the same time, the rich executives on Wall Street widen the gap a little bit more. That’s not fair or honest.

If you are tired of paying the minimums month after month, I would be pleased to speak with you during a free, initial consultation.