Being Harassed By a Collector? You Should Know This

One of the reasons I choose to represent people near Asheville who are struggling with debt is that they are consistently mistreated by their creditors. Collection companies irritate, stress out, and threaten people in Western North Carolina as a strategy to make more money.

Why do they do this? Because it works! The majority of people who would benefit from a bankruptcy filing, but choose not to file, decide not to file because of a sense of moral obligation to credit companies. The credit card companies know this, and use it to get more money from people as a business strategy. These same companies are falsifying documents and forging affidavits in an attempt to get more money than they are entitled to. In other words, people who owe money are trying to treat these companies fairly, and are getting ripped off in return. Usually, this means the credit card companies profit while a consumer’s family goes without.

If you would like to find out how exercising your legal rights with a bankruptcy filing might solve this problem, I would be happy to meet with you for a free, initial consultation.