Medical Debt & Credit Cards: Simple Debts to Eliminate

If you have been putting off speaking with an Asheville Bankruptcy lawyer, and have medical or credit card debt, you could be pleasantly surprised at the debt elimination options you have. Before you cash out a retirement account, start paying a debt consolidation company, or borrow money from family, you should sit down with a professional who can explain the positive and negative consequences before you take action.

Medical and credit card debts are generally unsecured obligations which get wiped away in Chapter 7 cases, and get minimum payouts in Chapter 13. Secured debts, such as house and car loans, are dealt with differently, and the relief varies depending on valuation, time of purchase, etc.

Almost everybody qualifies for some type of relief, and a bankruptcy attorney who is knowledgeable should be able to help you sort through what the best financial move is for your family. For those of you in Western North Carolina, I would be glad to sit down with you for a free initial consultation.