Financial Trouble Prevalent in WNC

This story, about how over 20 percent of our population surrounding Asheville is living in poverty, demonstrates the need for people to take action regarding their financial situations.  If not for their own sakes, they should explore options for the sake of their family.

All too often, I meet with hard working folks who have been doing everything they can to make ends meet.  Their desire to do “the right thing” or “to pay their debts” distorts where their money goes.  Creditors almost always are getting more money than the law says they deserve.  Instead of creditors getting richer, that same money can go to buying better groceries, living in better housing, and purchasing better medical care for children.

Yes, you want to pay your bills.  Yes, you want to do the right thing.  Talk to a bankruptcy attorney about how taking care of your family (not your creditors) is doing the right thing.  Talk about how making ends meet is so much easier when you properly exercise your legal rights.  For those of you in Western North Carolina, I would be pleased to speak with you during a free initial consultation.

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