Are My Friends and Neighbors Getting Bankruptcy Relief?

While working in Asheville, NC, I speak every day with people who confess they never thought they would be speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer.  Lots of folks never hear about their friends or co-workers filing, and think they must be the only ones.

Well, if you are having financial trouble, you are not the only one.  A U.S. Census report states that 1 in 2 Americans, or 50 percent, are struggling to make ends meet.  Chances are that almost half of your friends and co-workers are considering what to do about their finances, or have already done something to improve their lives.

Why haven’t they told you about it?  Nobody is thrilled about having to file a case.  And, if you file a case, the only people who will receive notice of it is the trustee’s office and your creditors.

Do yourself a favor.  Determine what your legal rights are by discussing your situation with an attorney during a free consultation.  For those of you in Western North Carolina, I would be happy to speak with you personally.

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