How Do I Pay My Chapter 7 Attorney Fees? Get Out of Debt This New Year

If you need a bankruptcy attorney near Asheville NC, you probably know that the ethical attorneys require the lawyer fee to be paid prior to filing the petition.  This stems from the fact that the lawyer’s job is to fight against your creditors, and if their fee is not paid before filing, the lawyer is one of your creditors.  It’s a conflict of interest for the attorney to file your petition before the fee is paid.

What do you usually use your tax refund for?  Most people I speak with use it to catch up on bills, pay for some type of car or house repair, or spend sleepless night worrying about what bill to pay with it.

You can use your tax refund to pay your Chapter 7 attorney fee, and get completely out of debt.  We can protect the remainder of your refund by using the proper bankruptcy exemptions, and you can use that money to establish a savings account for unexpected emergencies.

Wouldn’t it feel good to get ahead?  I would be pleased to explain your options during a free, initial consultation.

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