How Do I Pay My Bankruptcy Attorney Fee?

Since I take payment plans, you can spread the fee over time and can afford it.   This is particularly true if you are not having to pay other creditors. At your initial consultation, I can go over your bills and let you know which ones you can safely stop paying.

Many times, particularly during January through April, people use part of their tax refunds for the attorney fee.

Some people get the filing money from relatives or use their little bit of savings.

If you think you might qualify for free legal services and live in Western North Carolina, contact Pisgah Legal Services, as they will evaluate your income and assets and send you to an attorney for which it will pay.   Most free legal services base their standards on some sort of poverty guidelines and they will be happy to explain that to you.

The initial consultation in my office is free, and I would be pleased to explain your options whether you decide to file a bankruptcy case or not.

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