Bankruptcy is a business decision

Nobody wants to file a bankruptcy case.  For many people who have been struggling, a bankruptcy case represents horror and shame.  They continue to struggle month after month to make ends meet, paying high credit card interest or small payments to collection companies.  Eliminating debt through a bankruptcy filing would immediately change where their money goes each month.  They could start a savings account, fund a retirement account, or start a college fund for their children.

But guilt keeps them paralyzed.

My advice is to treat bankruptcy just like your corporate creditors do:  as a business decision.  Leave emotion out of it.  Once you have stabilized your financial situation, you can pay any amount back to any past creditors that you choose.  You will just not be legally obligated to do so.  In all probability, the only folks who will know anything about your case are corporate offices, the bankruptcy trustee, myself and anybody you tell.

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