Banks Forge Documents to Foreclose

Being a consumer bankruptcy attorney in Asheville is satisfying work.  Filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 for a client brings relief they didn’t know existed.  Helping families improve their lives immediately and effectively is why I chose this work.

The worst part of my job is trying to explain to people why they should choose their families over their banks.  I can argue until my eyes start tearing, but many people who would be helped by filing a case are embarrassed or feel like they should “pay all their debts” back to the banks.

Well, here is more proof of banks lying, forging, and stealing your money.  This New York Times story, “Bank Officials Cited in Foreclosure Surge,” demonstrates the banks are willing to foreclose illegally, by forging documents, using criminal behavior to do so.  Why?  They want your money, and they care more about that money then the families they destroy to get it.  The banks say the homes would have been foreclosed on anyway, and this justifies their criminal behavior.

Its ironic how the banks make consumers feel shame for being unable to pay steep interest rates (the collection company profit model), but feel no shame for their own actions.

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