Debt Collector Harrassment? A Bankruptcy Case Stops the Abuse

I often hear from clients around Asheville, NC during a bankruptcy consultation for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 that the worst part of their financial difficulties is not job loss, indecision about living paycheck to paycheck, or budgeting problems.  The worst part about not being to pay bills is often abusive debt collectors who will call at all hours, hound family members not a part of the problem, and contact employers.  The debt collectors strategy is to inflict pain in order to intimidate you into giving them your last dime.

Here is a story about one of the worst cases, where someone fought back and won a 10 million dollar judgment against the collection agency.

You probably will not be able to win 10 million dollars.  But you can demand respect.  A bankruptcy case will cease all collection actions (phone calls, letters, lawsuits, foreclosures) from debt collectors through the Court’s automatic stay.  If debt collectors violate the automatic stay, you have a right to sue the collection agency and be paid for that injustice.

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