Recession Effectively Wipes Out Safety Net For Many Families

Many potential bankruptcy clients near Asheville come to see me about hiring me as their bankruptcy attorney as a last resort.  They thought financial difficulty would never happen to them, and they have tried just about everything to avoid seeing a lawyer.

This USA Today article explains how the recession is the culprit for many hard working families.  Because of the nation’s economy the past few years, families have less of a safety net, and can get into trouble more quickly.  Before, when a medical emergency or unexpected cost crept up, there was a buffer either in savings or in accessible home equity which no longer exists.

You do still have options, and the sooner you talk to a professional, the better.  Don’t let fear paralyze you because the options may be better than you imagine.  For those of you in Western North Carolina, I would be pleased to speak with you in a free, initial consultation.

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