500 New Jobs in Cherokee! Consider Bankruptcy Options After You Accept a Position

As a lawyer filing bankruptcy cases around Asheville, I frequently advise folks who qualify for relief against filing a case.  Although achieving a discharge would be a relatively simple process for them, if they cannot make ends meet after their bankruptcy case ends, the relief will be short-lived.

News arrived yesterday that 500 new jobs are being filled in Western North Carolina.  If you are lucky enough to get one, filing a bankruptcy case might help you achieve a complete financial makeover.  Instead of spending your new wages on minimum credit card payments, where your principal balance weighs down all of your finances, you can wipe out the debts completely by exercising your legal rights.

The key to a successful Chapter 7 case is to imagine all of your unsecured debts (credit card, medical, personal loans) being eliminated.  If that happened, would you be able to pay your bills moving forward?  If you think so, call me for a free consultation.

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