Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Asheville: How Do I Choose?

Frequently, when a person needs bankruptcy relief, the creditor calls or just managing daily finances can be overwhelming.  Choosing a bankruptcy attorney can be too if you don’t know who to call.  There are several great bankruptcy attorneys near Asheville, NC.  In my view, asking the following questions can help determine if a specific attorney is the right one for you.

How many bankruptcy cases have you filed in the past year?  Is your practice limited to bankruptcy or do you practice in other areas?  How long have you been practicing as a bankruptcy attorney?  Who do I call if I have a question about my case?  What is your fee for representing me in a bankruptcy case, and are there any extra costs I will need to pay?

Here are the some things to keep in mind about my practice when making a decision.

You will meet with me.  Not a paralegal.  Not an associate attorney.  If you hire me, you purchase my time, energy, and expertise – not someone else’s.

You will be treated with dignity and respect.  Many people are embarrassed telling others about the mistakes they made with their money.  Everybody makes mistakes, and I try to make it clear from the beginning that my job is to help solve the problems regardless of how you got there.

My goal is to make your case as simple and efficient as possible.  The bankruptcy bargain is simple: in exchange for honesty, the Court grants you massive amounts of debt relief.  Although I have taken Max Gardner’s bankruptcy litigation course, most of the time my client’s goal is to avoid litigation.  In the vast majority of cases I file, my clients only need to attend one 5 minute meeting with the trustee before receiving their discharge.

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