A collection company keeps calling. Should I explain my situation to them?

As a bankruptcy attorney in Asheville, I frequently speak with clients frustrated by their conversations with collection callers.  If you search on Google, you’ll see lots of advice about contacting creditors when you fall behind on payments.

In my experience, talking with collection callers can help when you plan on resuming regular payments (and catch up payments which are past due) in the next 30 days.

Unfortunately, if collectors are calling, you are probably not in a situation where you can catch up quickly.  Collection callers get paid on commission so they will make efforts to intimidate, threaten, or annoy you enough to where you will write a check.  That is how they get paid.

Collection callers will use any information you provide them to assist their collection efforts.  Instead of speaking with the opposition, speak to someone who is has an ethical obligation to look out only for your best interests.  A quick 30 minute conversation with an attorney should reveal whether these collection callers can threaten property or bank accounts important to you.  They probably can’t.

For those of you in Western North Carolina, I would be pleased to speak with you in a free, initial bankrutpcy consultation.

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