3 Bankruptcy Keys To Success

As an Asheville bankruptcy lawyer, I speak with people every day who are upset and overwhelmed by their financial situation.  If they could work harder, make more money, and pay back all their debts, they would.  Unfortunately, in today’s economy, it is frequently not that easy.  When called upon, my job is to help honest folks understand what it means to file for bankruptcy.  Disclosure is the essential ingredient to all bankruptcy cases.  If you can be honest about three simple concepts, we can get you the relief you are entitled to under the bankruptcy code.

3 Keys to Bankruptcy Success

Disclose Your Assets

I can simplify the process of identifying for the Court all of the stuff you own.  Clothes, insurance policies, televisions, cars, real estate, etc.

Disclose Your Income

I can simplify how to figure out your Current Monthly Income (or “CMI”) which can help dictate what Chapter of bankruptcy is proper for you.

Disclose Your Debts

Identifying your creditors, via your credit report or otherwise, is important so that creditors receive notice that you have filed a case.

That’s it.  No Judge will hem and haw about whether you deserve relief.  No trustee will scratch his chin and contemplate whether you’ve been a bad person or not.  The bankruptcy code is simple.  Disclose these three keys well, and you will get the relief you are entitled too.

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