Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

As an Asheville bankruptcy attorney, I hear about the stress every day.  The harassing collection calls continue even though you have asked them to stop calling.  Every two weeks, you try to decide which creditor to pay.  Perhaps the sheriff has dropped off lawsuit paperwork, and you are hoping your neighbors were not watching.  In any event, when you decide to speak to an attorney about your financial situation, how do you decide who to call?

Bankruptcy can deliver a fresh start

Most folks start with an internet search for “bankruptcy attorneys” and begin clicking.  Here are a couple things to look out for:

Consult the attorney bankruptcy blog.  A large percentage of bankruptcy attorneys have a blog which can clue you in to the habits of the attorney.  If the attorney shares their information openly, whether you hire them or not, it shows a commitment to helping consumers in financial trouble.  They are in it for the right reasons.  It also demonstrates that the attorney is staying current on bankruptcy issues where the law frequently changes.  Having an attorney up to date on the nuances of the bankruptcy code can have a positive impact on the outcome of your case.

Meet the attorney in person.  Many bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations which can inform you about your debt relief options.  However, the consultation can also inform your choice about whether you want to work the attorney or not.  Trust your comfort level and your gut with the attorney’s attitude and professionalism.

Look for someone who can clearly explain the issues specific to your case.  If an attorney is responsive to your initial requests for information, that is a good indicator that they will be responsive when you need something from their office during a case.  Avoid attorneys who seem too busy or too distracted to address the questions you are asking.  Attorneys who file many cases may be able to save you $100 on the fee, but also may not be capable of providing the personal service or attention to detail necessary for a good outcome in your case.

Nobody wants to file a bankruptcy case.  However, if you are feeling overwhelmed by your bills each month, it’s smart to speak with a bankruptcy attorney about your options as early as possible.  Trust your gut when deciding who to hire.  An organized, sharp, and courteous bankruptcy attorney can guide you along the way, and help you achieve a fresh start financially. 

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