What happens at an initial bankruptcy consultation?

As an Asheville bankruptcy lawyer, I spend a lot of time discussing options with clients during free, initial consultations.  My goal is to deliver good information to potential clients about the best way to achieve financial stability both inside and outside of bankruptcy.

Decrease financial stress whether you file or not

Decrease financial stress whether you file or not

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The appointments take about 30 minutes.  Some situations take longer, and some people have more questions.  I schedule all of my consultations for an hour so we’ll have plenty of time.

You will be treated with dignity and respect.  Many clients walk into my office scared to death that a stodgy lawyer will be judging every purchase they made in the last decade.  Instead, my goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where people can be open and honest about their financial predicament.  By keeping things light, we can more easily deal with the heaviest of financial burdens. 

You will become informed.  I only recommend a bankruptcy case for about half the people I sit down with.  For the folks where bankruptcy is not their best move, we’ll spend our time together talking about how to protect assets with exemptions or how to respond to creditor’s collection attempts.  Whether bankruptcy will help or not, our goal is to figure out how to make your budget work moving forward.  I’m always glad to let a potential client know that they don’t need bankruptcy protection.

You don’t need much preparation.  I ask potential clients to bring a list of creditors they know about and any documents which they have questions about to their first meeting.  The majority of documents needed in order to file a bankruptcy case can be gathered after our first appointment together.

Many friends and colleagues think that being a bankruptcy attorney must be depressing work.  On the contrary, some of my most satisfying professional work is communicating a clear path forward to someone who was hopeless about getting out of debt before our talk.  I love seeing the excitement in people’s eyes when they realize that there is a way out. 

If you are ready to figure out the best options for your family, and live in Western North Carolina, I would be pleased to sit down with you during a free, initial bankruptcy consultation.

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