Student Loans Lawyer: Restructuring Debt Outside of Bankrutpcy

As a North Carolina Student Loan Lawyer, I speak with potential clients frequently about their bankruptcy options.  Many times, a bankruptcy discharge will not effect their liability on student loans.

Lowering your required monthly student loan payment can provide peace and stability.

You may be able to reduce the required monthly student loan payment outside of bankruptcy.

If your budget has been turned upside down by a burdensome student loan payment, you may have a right to change the required monthly cost during repayment without filing a bankruptcy case.  Many times, relief can be available for high income folks, and owning assets is typically not detrimental to an application.

My law firm accepts student loan clients who are: (1) unable to afford their monthly payment, (2) receiving calls from student loan collectors, (3) in default but unsure of their options/ability to get out, or (4) being sued for a student loan.

Ready to schedule a consultation over the phone?  The appointment costs $150 and includes a 30 minute telephone consultation and a detailed student loan analysis by email.  If you live anywhere in North Carolina, please call 828-232-4949 and ask to be put on the calendar.

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